Julie Pierce – Love & Relationship Consultant

Can you relate to this?

“I invested deeply in love in the past and got badly burned. I chose to focus my time and energy on other areas of my life, creating lots of success. I don’t want to lose what I’ve created and I’m certainly not going to compromise or abandon any part of myself for someone else.

But sometimes it feels like so much to carry. I wouldn’t tell anyone, but I have days when I am at the breaking point and I find myself wishing I had someone to share all the challenges, responsibilities, and celebrations with.  

I want someone to hold me when I’m having a hot-mess moment. Someone I can trust to see the side of me I’d never show in the boardroom. I long to be adored, cherished, and respected. I want a warm, healthy body to be next to at the end of a long day. I want someone to fall asleep with and wake up with.

I want someone who smiles when I come into the room. I want a partner who is secure, who can appreciate me and be my equal. I want to share experiences and create memories before it’s too late. 

Why are the frogs so easy to come by? I don’t even want to go out there anymore only to have what I already know reflected back at me — the parade of losers who what to merge with me, who want to suck the life out of me as if they can get a power infusion from it. It’s such a pain to have to scrape them off of me. They’re seriously that hard to get rid of. And I don’t want to have to be that bitch, so I’d rather just avoid the whole scene.

Look, if I’m going to be with a man, he needs to be strong, confident, independent, well-grounded, and self-sufficient. That’s who I want to be with. I’m pretty sure he either doesn’t exist or is already taken. Don’t tell me I have unrealistically high standards. I will not settle for less. I want and deserve to have it all. I’d rather die alone than settle.

I assure you it’s not too late. And even if you decide to outsource the matching part, you still need a solid custom strategy and plan of action when you go on dates. No ambiguity = no compromise = no frogs to scrape off later.

If you have that desire, if you feel that longing, then it’s your time. Your power-couple soulmate does exist and is out there looking for you.

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