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Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Julie Pierce, founder of Radiant Heart and the Radiant Heart Alliance. I’m a woman on a mission to end the widespread epidemic of disconnection and the experience of fading fulfillment and deeper meaning that grows as we age in today’s youth-focused society. Youth is a magical and profoundly important phase of life, but if I can be blunt with you, it’s my opinion that we’ve lost our balance in perspective regarding youth.

It’s my belief that all life is sacred and valuable. Each of us has our unique contribution to make at every phase of our lives. We must create our own continuous opportunities, over and over again, to make that contribution through practicing intentional connectedness as we consciously age. This connection stems out of the original connection we have with our own sacred soul. Sometimes during our ride on the river of life, this connection dims. As a result, sometimes we experience waning fulfillment and meaning. Our heart becomes less radiant. Our light dims.

It’s my mission to fan dying embers into fully glowing flames. I have been doing this for about two decades with people of all ages. And it’s what lights me up. It is my intention to be a Radiant Heart shining in the world. I invite you to join me.

Learn how to experience all the Love you desire. See and understand Love in a whole different way and consequently experience life in a different way. See and understand yourself more clearly and compassionately. Become reengaged, reenlivened, and experience more meaning and fulfillment.

Get to the core of the programming you’ve been living from and reset your operating system. Clearly define what’s meaningful and fulfilling to you based on your heart’s (secret) desires. Step out boldly into the next act of your life. 

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