Cindy Gallop saw a problem and went straight to addressing it, and now she’s establishing a fund for all those blazing trails in the category she created—Sextech. Her concern rose out of her observation that porn has become the default for sex education, and not in a good way. Her solution is to empower people to understand the reality of sexuality to balance “the myths of hardcore porn with reality—the porn world versus the real world.”

Gallop is highlighted twice on The—M—Dash: featured once in The Most Remarkable Women series as The Most Provocative Woman in the World and again in the human interest piece filed under Women of the Week.

While Gallop addresses this issue among the adult population, Amy Lang of The Birds & The Bees & Kids hits this topic head-on to help parents and guardians guide their kiddos to a healthy and realistic understanding of sexuality to carry them into adulthood—not leaving their education to porn. Lang’s goal is to help parents empower their kids to be the smartest on the playground when it comes to the curious and fascinating topic of sex.

Both women have my admiration and respect not only for the work they do but also as examples of strong leadership that employs vulnerability skillfully and powerfully. Each in their own realm demonstrates a wealth of strengths, but I want to shine the light here on how they balance leadership with vulnerability to have an even more powerful impact than if they left vulnerability out.

A quote from Cindy Gallop:

“In order to own the future of your business, you have to design it around trust.”

Having trust is an act of vulnerability and a quality that allows for the possibility of success. What’s immediately useful to every one of us is the fact that it allows for the possibility of successful and fulfilling relationships as well.

In honor of these trailblazing women and many other leaders like them, I challenge each of us to have a look at how we can bring a touch of vulnerability into our approaches to leadership and relationships.

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