Do you remember your first kiss? I do. I can still see Billy P. smiling at me as he handing me a paper heart.

I glued that treasure onto a wooden box that I still keep on my dresser as a reminder.

Young romance.

“Real Love” is different, right?

Let’s call it fuller, but it can be infused with the same delicious flavor of a hand cut, homemade paper heart handed to you, framed by a smile that glows with magic and adoration.

This is how my experience of romantic Love began. And from there, it seemed like an endless fountain available wherever I went.

Don’t get me wrong. My life had challenges like all lives and the best stories do — moving around, starting over, meeting new people, never really having any roots.

But the one thing that seemed to happen everywhere I went was Love.

In the beginning, I had a clear sense of my feminine energy, a knowing that I was capable of owning my body and self and creating what I wanted.

I knew that I could call in Love and create whatever kind of relationship I wanted. I understood I was the chooser and the designer of my experience, and Love was easily accessible.

But as I got older and received more information about how things “should” be and what “most” people experience, confusion set in.

Ever have the experience where you’ve been living a possibility, and then someone tells you that you’re a fool because what you’re talking about is actually not possible?

Super confusing, right?

My clarity fogged up, and that’s when I learned heartbreak and the torment of Love.

What had changed?

Why did it feel hard and even impossible now when it used to be so easy?

Me, I had changed.

When I took the time and thought about it, I understood with crystal clarity what had happened … what was different from the days when Love came to me in beautiful experiences, and then when Love hurt me.

The difference was in how I approached the possibility of Love and relationship. The difference was in how I saw myself and the stories and meaning I gave to my experiences with others.

I had relinquished my position as the chooser and the designer of my experience … the position from which Love was easily accessible.

So for a while, I made all the mistakes … I mean ALL the relationship mistakes.

I now know I was modeling what I had seen happening in relationships all around me since childhood.

Boom! The lights came on!

It was like realizing I was in the midst of an epidemic. I knew there had to be a real cure.

This was pure crazy!

The pieces that make up the clear picture came to me … little by little.

For a time, I thought I’d never find that special person and I didn’t think I’d be able to attract him if I did. I wondered if my relationship dream was simply a fantasy that I should give up for a more pragmatic goal.

After all, I had never actually seen proof of it in the world around me — although I did catch glimpses of something that continued to fan my flames of hope in the possibility.

But step by step, I moved toward that picture of possibility. I got strategic about my intentions and my awareness and my choices. I took bold action keeping risk low and focusing on my target of a companionship for the ages.

And my strategy and focus delivered.

I am enjoying my most successful and fulfilling relationship ever.

You can totally have this too!

Can you imagine being approached by a potential Love partner with respect and genuine interest in who you are?


This kind of Love finds you utterly irresistible and draws suitors to your side. This kind of Love guides you to make the choices that are aligned with your true heart and the life you want to create.

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